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The fi-domain name service offers users a user-friendly way of applying for, renewing, terminating and paying for fi-domain names.


Maintenance break is now over: Maintenance break starts at monday 16.11 14:00

expected to end at 15:00 at the latest Maintenance work on sunday 15 November

There will be an interruption to the fi-domain name service due to a planned maintenance work on Sunday November 15th from about 9am onwards. The expected duration of the interruption is about 4...

Online payment services of S Bank and LocalTapiola Bank are unavailable from Friday 23.10 at 9 pm to Monday 26.10 at 6 am

The online banking services of S Bank and the former LocalTapiola Bank merge on 23 October 2015 and as a result, the online banking services of LocalTapiola Bank will close. The customers of the...

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