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About the fi-domain name

Domain names are used as addresses for the most important services of the internet, such as website and e-mail addresses. FICORA is responsible for the administration of domain names ending with .fi and grants the word preceding the ending, i.e. the fi-domain name.

A fi-domain name offers a possibility to use an individual name as e-mail or website address. It is FICORA that grants domain names, but they can also be obtained through nearly a thousand registrars. In addition, the registrar will provide you with the obligatory name servers, website and e-mail service for making use of your fi-domain name.

Who will be granted a fi-domain name?

You will be granted a fi-domain name if you

  • are 15 years of age;
  • have a Finnish personal ID number; and
  • have a permanent address in a Finnish municipality.

Also, fi-domain names are granted to

  • companies and private entrepreneurs;
  • Finnish public bodies and state enterprises;
  • independent public corporations and public associations; and
  • diplomatic missions of a foreign state

registered with the trade register or the registers of associations or foundations in Finland.

The registration into the trade register or the registers of associations or foundations must be final before you can apply for a domain name. The business identification code alone, or the fact that the holder has merely been entered into the register of the tax administration, does not give the right to apply for a domain name.

What cannot be registered as a domain name?

The fi-domain name you apply for must not

In addition, certain words referred to in the Act (e.g. limited company, trademark) or abbreviations (e.g. oy, fi, com) cannot be registered as domain names. Domain names cannot be registered to be stored for redistribution purposes.

Domain name fees

FICORA charges a domain name fee for the fi-domain name it grants. The amount of the fee depends on the duration of the validity period of the domain name. In addition, registrars charge for their own services separately.

Fi-domain name is reliable

The pros of a fi-domain name is that it is Finnish and reliable. An address ending with a .fi ending usually reveals a Finnish company, person or service.

Furthermore, a domain name ending with a .fi is more reliable because the Finnish Domain Name Act protects registered company names and trademarks from malpractice. A holder of a registered name or trademark can request FICORA to revoke a fi-domain name that has been applied for on false pretense. No fee is charged for such requests.