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Revocation claims of domain names

FICORA can revoke domain names which have been registered against the Domain Name Act. These pages will provide information related to the basics and practices of domain name revocations.

FICORA supervises that the Domain Name Act and regulations issued by its virtue are observed.

The Domain Name Act promotes the services of the information society in the information network

  • by promoting the availability of Finnish domain names; and
  • by safeguarding the equal availability of domain names.

Domain name registrant's responsibility

Domain names are, in principle, free to be chosen, but the domain name registrant is responsible for the lawfulness of its registration. FICORA can afterwards intervene in a unlawful registration of a domain name by, for example, revoking the domain name.

Legislation does not give powers to FICORA

  • to assess the lawfulness of website content;
  • to order the content to be removed or revised; or
  • to order websites to be closed.